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Ive lost half of a much loved Cookleta story called Enlace and I can't remember who the author is.
can anybody help?



I just thought I would like to say a big thank you to all here. This is only my second post so please excuse any errors.
So a little recap. I always watched Idol. It was my guilty pleasure and although I enjoyed all the talent I never found any of the ones I particularly liked winning (the rockers). So now we come to season 7. I had had a rotten couple of years in RL life (lost my darling husband to cancer) but still watched as a distraction and could not believe that my rocker finally won. Hurrah. So for the first time in my life and with time on my hands I started the whole internet chase. Loved it. Laughed, cried etc etc. Joined the dash (never posted). Then somehow found the fan fiction. Initially het then WHOA flyboys. Holy cow. I didn't know any of this existed in my sheltered world. But found not only were the stories happy, sad and WHOA HOT but the writing was gooood. I mean really as good as any short stories I have ever read. Then I found Cookleta. Now at first I thought ummmm no - I think Archie is sweet but  that is all but with the combination with Cook who I adore (again I am too old to covet him I just love his attractiveness) this fandom captured me.  First Astolet with her quirky AU. She is talented and hilariously funny and I became a huge fan. Then Courts. Her Gathered Together series was so moving and enjoyable and fulfilling and a happy happy ending I found all of her stuff and wallowed in it. Then lots of other great writers and more every day. To name only a few Nightingale and Daisy and Raj, Momma Dar, Hopefulgenius, Epicflail and Annie (who in my opinion is one of the best Mavid writers) and tons more. This fandom has been a lifesaver for me. I thank you all for your friendliness and openness.
A special thanks to all the fans in Manila for their coverage of that epic week. I have not seen anything like it since Beatlemania (yes I was a teenager in the 60s so you do the maths) it was wonderful and breathtaking to see Arch and DC celebrated like the stars they are. 
Now finally the end of an era and the beginning of years of success for the boys. How fitting that it ended with Permanent. What a performance. What a beautiful human being David Cook is and what a loyal BBF Archie is. What a long ramble.



I'm a shy poster so forgive me if this is lame. I'm not a great writer and I've never kept a diary let alone a journal (is there a difference?) But I would just  like to say what an eye opening experience it has been to join this community and enjoy so much good writing.
Being of the older generation I am new to message boards and really the internet world in general and fell into it after falling for all things DC.  Honestly I never "got" all this facebook, myspace stuff what's with virtual friends? Well it has proved to be a wonderful experience. Somewhere to share and enjoy my love of David cause my friends would not be interested or even understand and it has proved to be a warm and welcoming place to visit. I love all the fic and am amazed at the quality of the stories. I've always been a sucker for short stories (an under appreciated medium) and this has been a gold mine. So just to say thank you to all of the writing community and to say I may not post but love to show my support by commenting and cheer leading  all the terrific fiction. 



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